Become Our Distributor

Being a wholesaler means we’re reliant on the success of our distributors to ensure our own success. This means we’ll bend over backwards to ensure you have the support you need.

We set out the 8 commitments that Tradex Global will make to you, and the 8 commitments needed from you in order to successfully grow together.


8 Commitments from Tradex to you:

1 Sales Leads

Tradex Global will actively market our products through a variety of media. Sales leads will be forwarded to distributors for follow-up.

2 Attendance at Trade Shows

Tradex Global will attend relevant trade shows to promote our range of products and brands in order to generate leads for our distributors.

3 Marketing Support

Tradex Global will supply product flyers, brochures, high resolution images and other marketing support to help you drive sales. 

4 Prompt Dispatch

Tradex Global will aim to have your goods packed and ready for dispatch within 2 working days you order them.

5 Sales Representative

You will be assigned a Tradex Global employee whose responsibility will be to ensure you understand the products that you purchase from us, how to spot new opportunities and how best to represent our products to your customers. They will also be available for joint sales calls and site visits.

6 Competitive Pricing

Tradex Global will work with you to ensure you are competitively priced. Any prices changes will be advised with at least 30 days notice. 

7 Product/Sales Training

Tradex Global will provide product and sales training in person, to make sure your sales and support people are able to promote and support our products with confidence.

8 Outstanding Service

Tradex Global will be here to help, whether it’s answering product related questions, tracking freight movements, conducting joint calls or addressing issues and concerns. Whatever you need we’re here to serve.



8 Commitments from you to us:


1 Loyal Support

With most relationships the more you put into it the more you get out. A successful distributorship is the same and your support of Tradex Global will be more than reciprocated.

2 Training

Making your sales and support people available for sufficient product and sales training will ensure your company is successful at identifying and converting leads into sales.

3 Product Promotion

Successful distributors don’t keep the products they offer a secret. By listing our products on your website, in catalogues and actively promoting them you will generate sales leads that drive your business forward.

4 Prompt Follow Up of Sales Leads

Your promote response to leads provided to you by Tradex Global will ensure a high conversion rate and success for both of us.

5 Stock

Ensuring you hold sufficient stock to meet your customers immediate needs means customers receive the level of service they expect. For fast moving items it is advisable to hold at least 1 months worth of stock.

6 Forecasting

While Tradex Global endeavours to hold adequate stock levels plus buffer stock it is always advisable to provide forecasts of stock usage if you take on a new customer or an existing customer is planning to increase their usage. By working together we can ensure we never run out of stock.

7 Prompt Payment

It is essential that you maintain your trading account according to the agreed terms of trade.

8 Communication

Good communication is essential for a successful distributorship. Call us anytime with feedback, questions, concerns raised by customers, competitor activity or anything else you need to raise. We’re always keen to hear from you.

To start the application process, please fill in Account Application Form and email to us. Upon receipt of the completed Account Application Form, we will assess prospects and get back to you soon!